How does FLOW interface with our regular SNO Site (where our online paper resides)?
There isn’t a connection between SNO FLOW and the WordPress site where you publish your content. FLOW is an independent interface for tracking and monitoring content before it is published.

Is there a way to edit assignments once they are created?
Anyone assigned to the writer role won’t be able to edit dates or other story info.  In order to edit these fields a user needs to be at least a section editor assigned to the section the story is in or to one of the custom leadership roles (Editor-in-Chief) or be an Adviser.

Can there be a Section added as other where the photographer/writer/design section is?
We don’t currently have a way to add modules to assignments other than Writing/Photo/Design/Video.  At this time, FLOW is built specifically for publications classes.  That said, it will probably be possible in the near future to rename those elements.

Why aren’t my section editors seeing their stories?
The Submit to Section Editor status requires that you choose a Section from the section dropdown. Once you have a story in a section (and an editor assigned to that section) everyone should get what they need. Also note that the sections are totally customizable, so you could have “Sports-yearbook” and “Sports-newspaper,” etc. to help keep things clear–just let us know what sections you need.

Is there a way to keep track of all the various steps it takes to complete a story? 
The checklist on each story is a list of steps a staffer should complete.  These steps can be checked off by the writer, the editor, or the adviser.  There isn’t, though, a way to assign points to individual steps in a checklist — for grading, you can just assign points to the story as a whole.

What is the “Speak to Me” feature?
The “Speak to Me” feature is just a fun feature that allows you to display a message to the whole group.  You can preload this with a list of fun messages, and it will display a different one each time it’s clicked.  It won’t work to send individual messages to students.  To send messages to students, use the Messages box at the bottom of any story. It will send a the message to any person assigned to the story.

The statuses are also totally customizable. So if you’d like to have a status that says “Submit to Managing Editor” or “Submit to Jimmy” we can do that.  Just head to Settings and click on Manage Workflows.  As a side note, once you make the statuses, we recommend using the filter tab on the sidebar to see what is in each status. This is the quickest, easiest way for even the editors to see what is meant for them.