Creating and Assigning Assignments

  1. Click on Create in the left hand sidebar.
  2. Click on Create Assignment.
  3. Check where this story will be published.
  4. Choose the Issue and/or Section.
  5. Set the publication deadline.
  6. Type in the title.
  7. Choose which elements of the story are required.
  8. For each required section, add any necessary checklists or notes.
  9. If you know the person each element of the story will be assigned to, assign them now. (They will receive a notification that they have been assigned a story.) If you don’t know who each element will be assigned to, leave the dropdown menu on None. (The story will now show up under the appropriate place on Unassigned tab and student will be able to volunteer for it.)
  10. If there is already a link available for the story, photo files, video, etc. paste the link in the appropriate “Add link to” box. If there is no link yet, it can be added to this box at any time, by any user.
  11. Click Add Assignment