Creating and Using Statuses and Workflows

Create/Edit Workflows

  1. Click on Settings in the left hand sidebar.
  2. Click on Manage Workflows.
  3. Click on the Default Workflow you are interested in editing.
  4. Edit and Save the workflow as needed.  (Let us know if you don’t see the step you need).

Using Statuses

On any Assignment users should slide the Status bar (or use the dropdown menu) to the appropriate position.

  • When placed on a “Submit to …” status, the assignment will be placed in the Submitted to Me section of that user’s FLOW, added to the To Do List on the Dashboard, and that user will be sent a notification.
  • When placed on a “Please Revise” status, the assignment will be placed in the “My Assignments” section of the assigned staff member’s FLOW with a Please Revise note. That user will be sent a notification.
  • Only Advisers, Section Editors, and Leadership Editors can move the status to Approved.
  • Using the Filter Tab, you can filter out all assignments that are at a given status.