3: Tracking

There are many ways to see the content that has been created in FLOW: dashboard, calendar, filtering, personal views, and recent.

Once an assignment or task has been created, it will automatically show up in all the right places…like magic.  When anyone logs in, he/she will see the stuff that pertains to them––editors get a list of what to edit, writers see a list of their stories, etc.

Using the filter tab is the best way to get the lists that you need.  Click on Filter and then choose from any of the multiple menus what you want.  See all the work done by an individual student, all the stories in a particular section or for a certain issue, or all the stuff that’s overdue.

Also there is the workload tab––also known as “Show me my slackers”––it shows, at a glance, who is doing what and how many stories any one staff member is working on.  The slackers will be highlighted in red.  This view is only available to adviser and editorial leaders.